Self-Rebound Abs Wheeler – BLACK


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The self-retracting power wheeler features a durable steel coil that provides resistance and controls return when rolling back and forth.

  • Rubber handle minimises hand fatigue while maximising control and comfort
  • Made of rubber made from car tires, it allows you to exercise and maximise control on any type of floor
  • Removable handlebar for easy carrying and easy storage, 15mm thick foam pad for support and comfort

Strengthen and adjust your upper abdominal muscles, lower abdominal muscles, oblique muscles and entire core, use this fitness wheel to give well-defined shoulders, broken arms and your V-shaped back

Colour: Black
Size: 25.0 cm * 20.0 cm * 10.0 cm
Weight: about 1.5kg
Bearing range: 200kg
Product net weight: 2.0 kg

Packing Includes:
1 self-retracting power wheeler


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